Cryptically Developers provides you with services that you desire. We work hard and smart to create software, websites, mobile apps etc for you.


We offer a pool of web based solutions/applications for your convenience, to make your business choirs a whole lot easier.


Cryptic ERP:

Cryptically Developers provides ERP consulting services, improving our partner’s overall experience and ensure a superior value from their technology investment forever. With our ERP system you can manage and automate many back-office functions such as H.R (Human Resources), Accounting, Production planning & Costing, CRM and so many more.


Cryptic HRMS:

Our H.R Management System provides you with a complete control over your business and enable you to tackle even the most complicated H.R challenges of yours. It enables you to keep full records of every employee and other H.R processes like promotions, transfers, leaves and others.


Crpytic HMIS:

Our Hospital Management Information System(HMIS) will ease up the burden a bit by giving you access of patient records for physicians and nurses. This system is designed to enhance your operational efficiency.


The objectives of POS solution is to control the inflow and outflow of inventory and track the sales. Any kind of business can benefit from our POS solutions, because we have an obligation to help you.


Cryptic Payroll:

Cryptic-Payroll has been especially designed to assist the companies to perform tasks such as calculating staff member’s salaries, deductions, generating pay stubs & tax forms, depositing salary directly into employee’s bank account and more.


Cryptic Restaurant:

We wish to reduce your work load and save your time & strength. Cryptic Restaurant Management POS software is designed to provide you with all the tools needed to speed up service & increase efficiency. Cryptic Restaurant is ideal for fine dining restaurants, bistros, fast food chains, pizzas etc.


Cryptically Developers provides mobile application development services for android and iOS. Our passionate designers & developers make creative designs and mobile apps for every business.

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